December 3-4 Birmingham, AL

Alabama JLDC

Get ready to THRIVE at Alabama’s Joint Leadership Development Conference

About JLDC

With nearly 7,000 students, educators, industry leaders, administrators and counselors attending, Alabama’s Joint Leadership Development Conference is the largest non-athletic joint gathering of students in the South Eastern United States for an educational purpose. 

The goal of JLDC is to build Alabama’s career and college ready workforce with employability skills, leadership training, exposure to Alabama’s career opportunities, and direct connection to current industry leaders.




Teachers+ Parents


CTE+CTSO Chapters




School Administrators+ Counselors


Career Clusters


CTE+CTSO Programs and Organizations


Motivational Speakers


Meet the JLDC lineup


Eddie Slowikowski

Kickoff Session

Whether it’s as a Gold Medal winner for the USA Track & Field Team, a 3-time NCAA All-American, or the world’s most dynamic professional speaker, Eddie knows a thing or two about thriving. Through years of training as an athlete and running his own speaking business, he knows what it takes to be elite. Eddie has always had the can-do spirit of an entrepreneur, in all walks of life. Best of all, Eddie can channel that sense of accomplishment through interactive storytelling to audiences everywhere. He will make you laugh, cry, dance and learn… all in one presentation. It’s a rollercoaster journey like no other.


Stephen Mackey

Premier General Session

From high school football teams to high-profile conferences, Stephen Mackey brings an empowering, inspiring, and equipping message to audiences of all backgrounds. Drawing from his own life story and the stories of people he meets across the country, Mackey has an uncanny ability to authentically connect with his audience through humor, wisdom, and passion, and usher them to the next level of character and performance. Mackey’s life was changed by the mentors in his life, who challenged him to “Take Responsibility. Period.” for his life. This single challenge has fueled everything Mackey has done in his life, and is the foundation of his work today.

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